What data storage methods exist at the moment.

Modern computers have a huge amount of disk space, but the requirements for space have increased. A high-definition movie can take up to thirty gigabytes of memory, not to mention video games, a single installation file of which in some cases takes up to 60 gigabytes of memory.

Storing data on a hard disk. Hard drives can be either permanently in computers or portable. They are distinguished by their low cost in relation to the amount of memory. Also, at the moment, hard drives are a way of storing information available to the majority, which can be bought without problems and which has the largest volume. Perfect for archiving large amounts of data, and running demanding programs, such as games. There is also ssd, which is faster but more expensive.

Recording information on optical discs. Now we can state that the popularity of optical discs is steadily declining. The reason for this was a number of reasons. Firstly, the low cost of hard drives allows users to store a huge amount of data in the computer's memory, and secondly, DVD discs are not particularly reliable.

Storing data on a flash drive. the advantage is the ability to connect the device both to a computer and to another device capable of reading data from a flash drive.

Data storage on cloud servers. If a person does not want to use physical devices for data storage or does not have the means to buy large storage media, cloud services can be considered an alternative option.

Storing data on social networks. If you wish, you can upload a colossal amount of data to your page. Hundreds of gigabytes of videos, an entire music collection and tens of thousands of photos.

As a result, we can conclude that the most cost-effective way of storing data, perhaps, is still a hard disk. With regard to cloud services and social networks, they may well duplicate important information.

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