How cloud computing has changed our entire experience and data.

What is cloud computing? Roughly speaking, instead of the power of our computers, we use the power of the remote computers to which we connect over the network.

If you dream a little, then soon we no longer need powerful computers, and your old computer on Pentium and GTX 460 will be able to run all the new games. Okay, I think it's clear now why this is the future.

Web applications. Agree, it's very convenient when you can just enter the url address and use the desired functionality. No need to download anything, download updates, etc. All web applications are in this category, because there are already a lot of them and 90% of programs can replace them.

Cloud storage. A huge plus of clouds is that you can access all your files from any device with an Internet connection. This way we can get rid of the huge hard drives. An SSD can come in handy for quickly writing a downloaded file, but a large size is not needed.

Streaming services. Now everyone uses Youtube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. You use them on a daily basis and did not even think that before all this was not there and all the music and videos we had downloaded, but now remember the last time you downloaded music or video? Now you can already buy a speaker with the embedded music service or a TV with YouTube.

Games. These services have started to develop relatively recently. Google rocks with recently introduced Google Stadia. Yeah. Google's data centers are the most powerful and flexible today? Now it's up to them. Either this service will be added to the Google's list of failures, or it will blow up and everyone will finally start switching to cloud gaming.

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